• Head strap for Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)

Head strap for Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) devices like Samsung Odyssey, Samsung Odyssey Plus, Lenovo Explorer, Asus etc.

You will use your goggles like a baseball cap. Once the goggles are set, it is easy to put them on, take off, lift up, to check your surroundings or talk to people face-to-face.

"VRHeadStrap" was designed for ultimate comfort and long VR sessions. It was tested and refined since 1 year on a group of people with WMR devices. Should be comfortable.

The rear headband's dial can be tightened much much less and more air will reach the inside of goggles, so this also allows for less sweating.

The rear dial will still be used with this strap, but only to prevent goggles from moving on head during faster head/body moves.

The design allows for barely any stress on face and forehead.  Good weight distribution of VR goggles across the top of head.

The strap is handcrafted, is easy to clean,  stretchable, but durable,  made from thin and breathable, light material.

NOTE: Processing time after purchase up to 10 days, depending on stock and number of other orders.

We need to handcraft this for you like in the video bellow. Please be patient after purchase.

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Head strap for Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)

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